Month: January 2018

Computer Solutions in Coquitlam & Port Moody

The Modern Law Firm and Legal Technology

We all know that today’s technology is invaluable, and with time, it will become even more so. This is true for all types of businesses, even law firms. The legal profession used to lag behind others in the adoption of new technology. Lawyers typically relied on “medieval” resources such as law books and paper documents.…
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Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Email for Law Firms.

The problem with email Email has been around for decades, and yet it hasn’t changed much. We must sort through dozens of messages to find the ones that matter. Only a small percentage of the emails we receive are important to view; the rests are advertisements and junk mail.   This outdated system may work…
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Judge's wooden gavel on laptop and books on the table..

Legal IT: Will Machines Take Over the World?

This is what people sometimes say when you start talking about machine language and artificial intelligence. Though it’s true that a computer can perform long, complex mathematical computations, it could never understand a small boy’s love for a cute puppy. All those emotions that humans have, all those irrational beliefs – it might be hard…
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Lawyer working in the office

Three Surprising Cybersecurity Mistakes Law Firms Make

Law firms once considered themselves to be immune from cyber attacks. However, this is no longer true. In fact, last year alone, cyber attacks against law firms increased. One report estimated that one in four law firms in America had suffered a significant data breach. In the UK, a recent PwC report states that 62…
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The Legal Risks of Cyber Theft

With the rising number of cyber thefts in the US, numerous lawsuits have been filed against businesses and organizations. In general, the public expects that their bank will take sufficient action to stop data theft. We expect this of the federal government, credit card companies and retail stores as well. Citizens believe that most of…
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The Future of Big Data and the Legal Industry

There’s no doubt that Big Data, Data Mining, and Machine Learning have changed every industry on the planet. Recent political campaigns were won by experts who knew how to use all data available regarding key factors. Many were surprised to learn how certain types of information could guide a political campaign down the pathway to…
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